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Winterton Seal Hospital (Save Our Seals)

For more than 10 years there has been a decline in the common (Harbour) seal along our Norfolk - Suffolk coast in the United Kingdom with many new pups found dead or dying on our beaches. Many are suffering from ulcerated mouths, internal and external injuries, including serious flipper and body wounds causing blood loss.
Seal pup on beach Both injured and malnourished Common (Harbour) and Grey Seal pups, aged between a few days and 3 weeks old, have been left or pushed back into the sea, advice given wrongly by certain authorities. We need to improve people´s knowledge and understanding of our seal population, so they can also help in the fight to Save Our Seals.
Their future is in our hands, people need further education on seals and their environment, we need to convince others that help is urgently needed for these loving creatures. Seal pup on beach
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