Ben´j arrived on 14th August 2011
Ben´j, a week old male common seal pup, was rescued on Sunday 14th of August 2011 from Winterton beach. Ben´j was picked up by Sharon and Jane, members of the seal rescue team, on arrival at the Winterton Seal Hospital, weighed in at 10kg. The pup was found to have puncture wounds, infection and mouth ulcers. A local vet was called and he carried out an assessment of the pup and prescribed antibiotic tablets, cream and also a spray for the mouth ulcers.
Update : 28th August 2011 - On 25th August, our local vet checked on Ben´j and gave him a clean bill of health. Ben´j currently weighs 12kg. He is enjoying eating fish chopped up from a dish, swimming for a few hours in the hospital´s weaning pool, at the end of the day Sharon and Jane put him back in his dry pen for the night. Now all Ben´j needs to do is reach a weight of 30-35kg and then he is ready for release back into the wild.
Update : 29th October 2011 - Ben´j was moved to the outside pool in September. In the next month or so, he will be returned to the wild.
Update : 24th December 2011 - Ben´j goes home for Christmas, he has been released back into the wild.
The photo below was taken on 9th December 2011.

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