Save our Seals
Welcome to our Save Our Seals website

The Seal Hospital at Winterton in Norfolk was Closed in 2011. The Media Team which runs this website also has others including Our aim is to increase awareness of the seals around our coast and to advise, when needed, to ensure any pups reported in need of help can be seen quickly by trained volunteers or staff from a local rescue centre.

We gets many emails from concerned members of the public about the welfare of seal pups and adult seals they have come across whilst out walking, when you send a report, please include as much detail as possible with a contact number and a good quality photos if you can.

Save Our Seals

If you see a seal pup that looks unwell or even an adult seal with netting round its neck that you think that may needs rescuing, please click here to find out who to contact and what to do. Not all seals need rescuing but it always best to check with marine rescue teams.

If you would like to contact the website, you can send an email

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